Do Not Follow The Latest Trend, Become One

Social media has become the core of any good marketing model, with it being the birthplace of the latest trends and having the ability to reach millions of users. Our Vancouver-based social media agency offers you a marketing plan that entails enhanced online authority, maximized traffic, customer insight and broadened brand awareness, all of which combines to market your product or service in a way that maximizes your ROI.

Immense Marketing has mastered the art of building your social media identity through analyzing your clientele to gain insight into their behaviour, strategically displaying ads to potential customers and building brand reputation by engaging users in apropos conversation. Our expert marketers work together with you to tailor the perfect social media campaign that fulfills all of your needs at an affordable price.

What Is Social Media?

Social Media includes all online forums and portals that the public uses for interaction with their friends, family or acquaintances. Social media currently has the biggest scope for marketing in the online community with its ability of reaching billions of users who exchange content almost every second of every day. This is advantageous for businesses looking to widen their customer reach and promote their brands.

Due to the personal nature of social media, companies can now gain valuable acumen about their customers and the trends they follow. This allows for you to strengthen your customer relationship through content that compels users to share it on social media platforms.

Let Immense Marketing Help You Dominate Social Media

In order to capture the attention of your customers, you need to go all out with a marketing strategy that delivers long-term results and evolves with changes in the trends. We offer you the complete social media marketing package that covers all features of it and fully utilizes the advertising tools that are available in this platform, while also smoothly integrating everything into your overall marketing model. Your social media campaign will include:

Paid Advertising

Having paid advertisements on social media has great pay-offs compared to the cost. It greatly improves your brand awareness, promotes your content and builds contacts. We keep track of each ad performance to determine which one performs the best and why, while keeping an eye out for opportunities for promotion in order to get the best results.

Customer Engagement

We promote content that appeals to users who have the potential to become future customers. Having a targeted approach with adverts of your products that carry the interest of the audience has been proven to be more profitable and more effective than advertising it without a target group. With our strategic marketing we make sure you build a loyal customer base and a trustworthy brand image.

Profile Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your brand’s online reputation and image, and make a comparative breakdown of your competitions’ online performance to analyze which areas of your campaign needs improvement. Powered with this knowledge, we further enhance your social media marketing plan in order for you to be able to get ahead of your competitors.

Profile Improvement

We will employ strategic tactics to optimize your online profile, such as building inbound links; monitoring your page 24/7; tagging to boost visibility; constructing blog posts to increase the credibility of your brand; and creating and distributing quality content that incorporates keywords effectively, and contains eye catching and descriptive titles.

Content Distribution

Proper page management can significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing. The right posts, informational articles, blog posts, latest brand related news and other forms of media or content keep your online presence active, which is pivotal in keeping your users engaged and broadening your reach.

Customer Interaction

It is better to give your customers reason to interact with you and there is no better way than social media based contests. A challenge keeps everyone engaged and piques interest. We use inventive graphics involving promotional content, and set a proper timelines and objectives in order to successfully conduct your contest.

Customized Marketing For Different Social Media Platforms

We have a large variety of social media platforms that can be very efficiently used for advertising and brand promotion, but each platform offers a different suite of tools for marketing and general content sharing. At Immense Marketing, we have customized approaches for any and all social media forums, leveraging all of the benefits that each uniquely offer. Some of the social media websites we cover include:


With over 1.3 billion users, Facebook offers businesses the perfect platform to interact with their customers and study their purchasing trends. Facebook gives you the ability to organically gain prominence through your company pages, but you have the additional option to utilize its paid advertising tools that allow you to target your goal audiences according to their location, interest, age and more. We analyze your branding needs to determine which strategy will best suit your needs. Whether it is simply organic profile building or combining it with paid advertising, we choose the approach that is right for you.


While content has its own enterprise, videos have a separate effect altogether. A small advert clip can emotionally engage the audience, while innovatively representing your brand. YouTube still offers the classic banner ads. Therefore, if you would like to opt for a simple image representation, then we will make sure you get maximum turnovers from your choice. Since YouTube is a Google product, similar standards apply. This is where we come in, as our experience and certification in Google AdWords allows us to easily navigate through YouTube tools and criterion to draw in prospective clients. Since it is on a Pay-Per-Click basis, the cost becomes negligible before the returns of this investment.


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to network and stay in touch with the industry, however it can be used the other way around for promoting your brand and gaining high quality leads. LinkedIn boasts over 5.4 million users over its B2B platform, where your audience comprises of all professionals. Here you have the ability to target customers according to their occupation, education, industry and more. You have the choice of either organic profile building or collective approach with paid advertising to target a profession specific audience.


Organic search is offered less and less on social networking websites. Twitter offers you paid marketing tools that allow you to craft your brand identity and keep your customers updated on your latest updates. We tailor your marketing tactic to perfection through Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, Reporting and Optimization and other tools offered by Twitter to drive traffic to your website and engage customers with new products.