Instantly Gain Rapid Increase in Traffic

Pay-Per-Click is an essential tool for driving traffic to your website, however it often yields unsuccessful results. At Immense Marketing, we understand the particulars of a successful PPC strategy and with our expertise and calculated tactics, we guarantee success for your PPC campaign. Our certified Google Adwords experts help you set up and maintain your Google Adwords account or optimize your existing account with complete transparency over our workings. In addition, we work around the clock monitoring your progress and commitment to your goals and budget.

What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click is a marketing model that attracts users to your website through strategic ads that come up in a search engine result page. The ads appear according to the search query or targeted keywords, hence your target audience can easily find you and what you have to offer. For each click on the ad, you pay the search engine a small fee which is why this model is termed Pay-Per-Click. Such adverts are opted by businesses because compared to the revenue you earn through those clicks, the fee paid to the search engine becomes inconsequential.

What We Offer In Terms Of Pay-Per-Click Management

We work with you to craft the perfect PPC strategy that is customized to maximize your conversion rates and your brand authority. We seek to expand your PPC advertising across all platforms to capitalize on your campaign, all the while testing new strategies and keeping track of the current ones to improve your PPC management. We fully optimize your PPC approach with the latest tools available that include:

Targeted Marketing

We seek out users who have customer potential by analyzing their online behaviour and exploring all aspects of their involvement with your brand. Customers who visit your websites and related social media pages will be shown ads relevant to their purchasing needs and related to specific products or services you offer. As a result, this improves your interaction with your target audience.

Going Beyond Text

By interactively engaging your customers through images, banners, videos and other forms of media, we are able to fully utilize the benefits of online marketing. We enhance your brand awareness through various targeted media, and strategically placed adverts on different online portals and websites that your customers frequently visit.

Google Adwords

This can be a lucrative tool when availed properly with the potential to reach maximum users. With our proficiency in PPC management, we will administer your account to tap into your marketing potential and getting the most out of your budget.

Highlighting Your Products

With the help of Google Shopping Ads, we help you give prominence to your featured products. Google Shopping Ads provide you the added benefits of displaying product pricing, vendor locations, images and other meaningful details without the need to supply keywords. We manage your Google Shopping Ads according to each product, as we keep track of all of the vital benchmarks and manoeuvre adjustments based on the selling performance of your products.

Strengthening Your Social Media Image

Your brand image and authority is determined by how people feel about you on social media. Having paid ads on social media websites can boost your customer loyalty and open up a new dimension of interacting with your target audience. We will test and track different adverts, and determine which ads yield the best turn over to increase your online authority and maximize your ROI.

Mobile Advertising

More than half of the online traffic comes from handheld devices. The world has gone mobile, and we take advantage of that fact through targeted advertising on Smartphones and other hand held devices. We understand that the particular differences of Smartphones and PCs are crucial to targeted advertising; with our mobile advertising management, you can utilize Smartphone tools for increased sales and revenue.